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Long Beach

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Aligned with the biggest brands in luxury real estate, First Team provides an unmatched level of
worldwide exposure to the world’s most affluent homebuyers.

About Jason Hull

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. If you think it doesn't matter who you hire to represent you to sell your house or buy one, think again. In todays Real Estate market hiring the right person is more important than ever. EVERYONE knows or has a Real Estate agent as friend or family member right? As the old joke goes... The only thing more plentiful than California drivers licenses are real estate licenses. Basically everyone has an aunt Sally that is a real estate agent. Sometimes you feel obligated by family or friends, maybe you think you'll simply get a better deal. And sometimes that may be true, but not always. What you need in todays climate is someone who is a current and active agent in the ever increasing labyrinth of real estate transactions. Each year the requirements of knowledge and skill involved in transversing all the legal forms and requirements for a real estate transaction increase.  In regards to selling not only do you need the aforementioned, but you also need a premier marketing and advertising firm to get your house sold for the highest price and in the least amount of time. This is where First Team Real Estate comes in. First team is the #1 advertising and marketing real estate firm in Orange County. TrendGraphix an independent 3rd party research firm agrees. We best the competition in working with buyers and sellers by an almost 3-1 margin. Why? Because we spend more money on advertising your home the right way. We reinvest our commission in getting your house on over 1000 real estate websites, in print media and on social media to get it in front of more qualified buyers than any other real estate firm out there.  Buying or selling a house is likely going to be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Can you really afford to hire someone who throws up one picture of your house or has 5 dark photos online for people, only advertises on their own website, or puts a small one line ad in the newspaper? In a market where you feel like everyone else is always one step ahead on that house for sale, can you afford to keep losing out on properties because they got there first? Because we have a firm that is 1800 agents strong, we have a very deep pool of properties that have not hit the open market yet that you have access to. Not only that we have a proprietary algorithm that we run all properties through to determine what is the hottest buy for an area. We can identify properties that other firms can't that will give you the most bang for your buck. Don't believe me? Well, again TrendGraphix  an independent 3rd party data research firm says we outpace our competition by almost 3-1 in the buying of homes. Simply put we close more transactions buying or selling than any of our competitors. We haven't been voted by Orange County residents the Best of OC a record 5X for nothing. Call me today and find out how I can help you experience the First Team difference.

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